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Sgt. Denis Withers

Service Number 1737508

Aged 22

Wireless Operator

Buried at Makkum, Holland

Son of Cyril and May Withers; husband of Joan Withers

Sergeant Withers, like Sergeant Eliot, joined 161 (Special Duties) Squadron from 31 Base and, from the records, it appears that he soon "teamed up" with Sergeant Eliot. Before joining Ian's crew he had completed several operations with a variety of different captains.

Just three weeks before he was killed, Dennis was married to Joan. One of the memories Joan recounts is that, on D Day, she and Dennis were walking along a road to the vicarage, to collect their Banns, when he remarked to her "you nearly didn't have a husband last night; we landed back with a damaged tail and a broken wing. A tribute to the pilot's skill." Unfortunately, whilst the record books show a mission for that night, I have been unable to find any combat or damage report.

He is buried at Makkum, Holland.





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