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Peter Kwint


Peter Kwint studied at the University of Amsterdam When he was required to sign a declaration of loyalty to the Germans, he went into hiding and joined the underground movement. After a while he decided to come to England. On 8th November 1943 he left Amsterdam for Paris, where he stayed for a while before moving on. Later, whilst on Spanish soil, he was arrested and jailed: kept in overcrowded and dirty conditions, and without medical assistance, Peter was passed from one jail to another. Release came on 19th January 1944, when he was put on a train to Madrid. After reporting to the Dutch consulate, and buying clothing and shoes, he was, with about 100 others, transported through Spain to Portugal. From here, Peter was put on a ship, the Ondura, bound for Liverpool.

Following interrogation at the Patriotic School he was asked to join the Secret Service and to return to Holland. He joined the Dutch BBO and, after training, was given the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on 3rd July 1944. Two days later he died trying to return to his country.





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