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Kazematten museum

& monument

In September 1997, just a few months after the wreckage of FK790 had been recovered, we made a trip to Holland and were taken to the Kazematten museum, just off the Afluitsdjik. This small museum is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of those who fought for the liberation of Holland, and, over the past few years, they have put together a small exhibition commemorating those who died aboard FK790; the crash site is visible from the museum.

A section of the tailplane from the wreckage has been mounted in the grounds of the museum, and various other artifacts are on display inside one of the "casements" or shelters, which were defensive structures during WW2. I decided, eventually, that this was the proper place for Ian's medals to rest, and, following consultation with his sister, have given them on permanent loan to form part of the exhibition.


Exhibition on crew and agents of FK790

and artefacts recovered from the wreckage

Tail section of FK790


Ian's medals on display in the

Kazematten museum.





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